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Day 1 – July 8 2013 – Complete

Posted in Weight Loss by Administrator on the July 9th, 2013

Today went really well.  I didn’t starve at all.  Strangely my sister Sandra did (she is following Weight Watchers).  I made her promise to to hang in there at least another week or two and not give up.  I am hoping she will adjust and hunger she is feeling now on it will go away.

I had more energy yesterday as well.  I am usually so tired and dragging on that I end up falling asleep by the time I finish my lunch, if not sooner.  I had so much energy that I went out into the living room after breakfast yesterday and did my Sit Tight Workout.  I moved more than I have in ages.  I got my heart rate up and worked up a sweat.  It felt great.

Here is what I ate for the day:


2 Scrambled Eggs – 203 calories

Pam Cooking Spray (Olive Oil) – 3 calories

1/2 Ounce Cheddar Cheese – 57 calories

Total Breakfast Calories: 263


1 Cup Coffee – 2 calories

1 tsp. Creamer – 10 calories

1 tsp. splenda – 0 calories

Total Mid-Morning Calories: 12


6oz Chicken Breast – 240 calories

2 cups Lettuce – 16 calories

2 tbsp. Fat-Free Salad Dressing – 50 calories

1 Slice Whole Wheat (I know I wasn’t going to eat this, but felt I needed it after today’s workout) – 70 calories

1 cup Coffee – 2 calories

1 tsp. Creamer – 10 calories

1 tsp. Splenda – 0 calories

Total Lunch Calories: 388


2 cups Coffee - 4 calories

2 tsp. Creamer – 20 calories

2 tsp. Splenda – 0 calories

Total Mid-Afternoon Calories: 24


6oz Chicken Breast – 240 calories

1/2 cup Green Beans – 22 calories

10 Black Olives – 50 calories

1/8th Avocado – 44 calories

Total Dinner Calories: 356


Skipped It (wasn’t hungey, and usually even with the snack I am starving by now – I’m not even the slightest bit hungry)

Total Evening Calories: 0

Daily Totals

Calories: 1,043

Carbohydrates: 37g (was aiming for 50g)

Fat: 49g

Protein: 97g

Fiber: 15g

Calories Burned Working Out: 761



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