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The Evolution Of Books

Posted in Writing by Administrator on the July 10th, 2013

I just saw a news report on television that really got me thinking about not only the evolution of books, but how much I have evolved as not only writer, but as a reader over the years.  They were saying that Barnes & Noble may be closing down their actual pyhisical stores as more and more people turn to their devices such as Kindle and The Nook when they want to read a book.

Fourteen years ago in 1999 when I first got online I never even heard of an eBook and had no clue what it was.  With my dream of being a published author and never before knowing how to make that a reality, I began to do my research. It wasn’t long before I stumbled across what was called an eBook.

This was back before there were any of the ereader devices that we have today.  I remember their being a lot of buzz around the writing communities that suggested that in the next decade or so they saw physical books becoming a thing of the past and becoming exempt.  They saw the eBook as taking over the book world.

I remember thinking, “Yeah!  Right!  I don’t think so!”  My dream back then was still to have at least one book published in print that I could physically hold in my hand, so that is the direction I began to persue and I vowed never to publish one of those so called eBooks.  I viewed it as “selling out.”  For those of you who know me, you probably recall that as a teenager my days in not only the school library as well as the public library when my nose in book.  I think a lot of you knew that was where to look if you wanted to find me.  I could even be found in a local book store from time to time as well as the used book section at the Desseret Industeries in Utah where I used my allowences to buy a lot of books which grew my large book collection over the years.

I worked daily on seeing my dream become a reality.  I was so excited when one of my books was finally published through a publishing company and I finally held a book in my hand that had my name on the cover.  Then came the day a fellow author asked me to read their “eBook” and write a review for them.  I reluncatantly agreed while still holding my ground that books were meant to be read in physical form only and that an eBook was not a real book.  I didn’t even view it as real publication at the time.

I actually enjoyed reading that eBook and it wasn’t long before I was not only seeking out other eBooks to read, but I became a reviewer for both eBooks and physical paperback books.  As my eBook collection grew on my PC I began to realize that my physical books, which financiallly I couldn’t afford to buy anymore was just taking up space in my bedroom and collecting dust.  I made a decision that shocked a lot of people.  I had my aunt and uncle help me box them all up and I donated them to a organization that sells them in a used bookstore and uses the money to help the homeless in my area.

Today I not only own and read my books on a Kindle, but my books are also published on a Kindle.  I don’t view it as selling out, although I did feel a little remorse as I sat here listening to the news report that Barnes & Noble is talking aobut closing down and only selling books through their Nook device.  I now realize that all that buzz around the writing communities wasn’t as far fetched as I origially viewed it to be.

I have also realized how far I have evolved as a reader and a writer, and how my views and thoughts on the subject have changed.  I guess you can say I have come full circle as I sit here not only as an author who is published in print, but as an “eBook” author as well.

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